October 3rd, 2002


Hey fellow dreadies..
I've had my dreads almost a year (Oct 15) now and I wanted to post some things I've noticed about the process.
I had oily thin hair- the hardest to dread..

Things I would have done differently:
1- make them all thicker, and all the same thickness
thicker seems to be dread easier.
My friends didn't know what they were doing anymore than I did, so we just kinda made random sections. After a few weeks or a month I re-did a bunch and tried to even them out.
Remember that they way you start (them amount of hair per dread, spaces in between) is how it will dread.

2- elastics are GOOD. The dreads that had little elastics at the top are WAY dreadier. They grew out dreaded, I mean...

3- LESS wax. For me, waxiness plus my hair oilyness made dreading difficult. Too slippery to get knotty.

4- PAY MORE ATTENTION. These babies do not dread on their own. Very much. For a while I just put on a bandana everyday and hoped they'd look better the next day.

I'm cracking down on my babies now. Most of them are way behind in development for their age. I've got some root techniques now, but the whole dread needs help. I've started using salt water. Any more secrets?
I'm not sure about washing, if I should wash more or less. I'm doing it about once every week or two.