October 13th, 2002

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as i type, my hair is being dreaded and when i feel the dread and look at it in the mirror, it looks and feels like a dread... of course not as strong and matured yet, and what not. i'm making sure to have my roots suuuper tight, because i see a lot of complaints about that and have seen a lot of people whose dreads look very loose at the top.. but yes.. it is pretty painful, the tighter the root.

my mom is doing it for me, using the back combing method.. which may be why it looks pretty dread-y already? yes.. before dreading it today, i bleached it and dyed it vermillion red.. i heard that bleaching can help the dreading process, especially if your hair is fried.. is this true?

anyway, it's gonna take awhile.. i'll post pictures and what not, but does anyone have any advice? it would be muchly appreciated.
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