October 14th, 2002

recently started dreading....

heyhey to all those who either already have respectable dreads, (which is my goal of course), and to those who are in my boat - just jumping headfirst into the dread experience...

I started my dreads about 3 1/2 weeks ago, i believe. i'm not quite sure of this number, but i know that it was either 3.5 or 4.5, on a saturday night from about 1:00 am to 3:45 am. (central time :-D)

they seem to be coming along nicely, but what the fuck do i know? this is precisely why i jizoined this grizoup....i'd really dig some input on my forming dreads, and i'm also wondering if all the frizz that's happening all over my cranium is normal, and when it will go away...(frankly, it makes my "dreads in progress" look shitty). oh, and to start the process, i used a method i found online that was the very best one that i could do in my situation....it seemed like the one most promising, with the fewest stupid consequences, like other dread urban myths like toothpaste and such...

first of all i used something called the "rip & tear" method....just grabbed clumps of hair and tore them down the center over & over again until they started knotting up all the way. on most of the dreads, however, i used something of a combination of braiding and knotting....it gave strange results, but it seems to be working.

so here's some pics of them as they are now:

anyway, i'm just saying hey to all the people cool enough out there to already have dreads.... keep on the kulus everybody!

-chris keller


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clara bow

(no subject)

hey everyone, i'm the new girl, my name is mariclare.
so i've come to the big conclusion. i've made the final decision. the answer to dreadlocks on my head is yes.
anyway, i have some questions before i start. i really want beautiful dreadlocks, nice, neat, organized ones. no fly-aways. no softies. i know this won't happen right away, but i'm determined.
1) is there anywhere *besides* an internet website that i can get dreadlock shampoo and wax that will work well?
2) when's the first time i can wash 'em after i put 'em in? i've heard everything from 3-5 days, to a week, to a month. so, which one is it?
3) how long do i keep the rubber bands in?
4) do i sleep with something to cover them? for how long?
5) at dreadheadhq.com, they mention something about a locking accelorator. what exactly is that? and can i buy a substitute at a store, instead of buying the thing offline?

that's all i can think of for right now, but i'll probably have a million more questions as time goes on.
thanks a lot!