October 23rd, 2002

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I've had my dreads for about six months now, and I've always had a really big retarded one over my temple on the right side. So last night I decided to take it apart and turn it into two dreads. It was pretty painful, and my hands ended up smelling like marijuana (the wax I used has some hemp crap in it, and I guess, it being wax, it never really washed out all the way).
Anyway, I got it into two sections, and for some reason I decided to completely untangle it and start over.. turns out the hair that was about 6 inches dreaded and could barely make it down past my ear lobe could go under my chin and touch the other side. I pulled out so much hair during this process it's ridiculous. When I back-combed again I ended up with long tiny bunches of hair at the end of each of my two new dreads, still haven't figured out what to do about that happening. My new dreads are short (only 2 and 3 inches) from all the missing hair, and oh so crappy compared to all the other ones on my head. I'm a big perfectionist and I've been beating myself up over this since then.
My advice to anybody who is dividing their dreads: just wrap the semi tangled pieces in rubber bands, they'll probably lock a lot faster than brand new dreads, and if they end up sucking, you can go back and start over later.
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