October 27th, 2002

compassion for all

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i put elastics on all my roots today to fix them up. the most random peices of hair attached together....

so now my roots are fixed and my ends are coming along because i palm rolled them a million times. but what can i do to fix up the rest of my dreads? they are still all frizzy.

also, i was just wondering about spraying any halloween stuff onto dreads. you know those neon hairsprays or glitter things. would those ever wash out?

my head is killing me from the elastics.
i don't think sparkles would do that much damage. or would they?
clara bow

(no subject)

i hear it's a good thing to sleep with nylon covering your dreads when they're new.
who here actually does/did that?
and can i just wear a bandana or something? does it have to be nylon?
i really don't think i can fit panyhose over my head...