November 22nd, 2002

My locks

Like I said before I decided to grow dreads and I love them. At first I thought dreads as just a hairstyle, but I am finding out it is more than just that. Most people that have dreads realized the importance and freedom that it brings. I have been reading and looking at many web sites that people have put up, and to my surprise all of them call it the Journey of my hair, the conclusion my locks. I never knew how much impact hair had on people.

A little history: The reason Dreadlocks is call just that is. Back in slavery some of the slave would let their hair grow without combing it. To the masters and owner of the plantation they consider this kind of treatment to their hair uncivilized and would often call their hair dreadful or say what a dreadful site. Through the years many people still consider this treatment to the hair dreadful and the name stuck.

The Rasta religion considers lock a way of in enlightenment, as the Chinese do with elongated earlobes. The Rasta religion is one of the most misunderstood religions in history, and because of this, dreads were still not considered the social norm. In Jamaica, where I am from, children would not be admitted into school because of there hair being locked. How crazy and ignorant it that? How can one hairs do make you be hated to the point of rejection from society?

The fact is, dreads or now recently called Nubian Locks, is a way for your hair to grow naturally and with low maintenance. Many black people find growing locks helps them find themselves and their way through all the misunderstandings of hair. Black women with locks find it a way to break free of all the relaxers and help them love themselves for who they are.

I know what your thinking, how can hair be so powerful? Well when you have lived all your life thinking kinky hair is wrong and straight hair is right to find out that one can love themselves just as you are can be a powerful and mind altering thing.

Yes when I started growing locks it was because I wanted them just for have them. I loved the way they look and the way they could be presented when neatly done, but now after reading and understanding, I had a moment of clarity and realized there is more to my locks that just a do, its beautiful, strong and empowering.
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New Dreadee

Hello all! This is such a great community, I've learned quite a bit about dreading from everyone here - thanks!

I'm finally going to do the deed next week. I've got a good crew of people willing to assist and I can't wait. I just wanted to say hello, make promises of before and after pics and ask for any last minute advice (even though I'm the umpteenth person to ask for it). I've got long, fine hair that gets super oily in under 24 hours - has anyone else had to deal with that? Does it make any part of the process more difficult?


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well hello. i'm new. my name is summer. anyways, i decided about a week ago that i want to get dreads. i joined this community to get tips and such about how i could go about getting good looking dreads. however i don't want to force anything upon my hair, just let them grow naturally. i've read that using elastics at the roots makes them form better, but my hair is past shoulder length, and i'm too lazy to put 50+ little rubber bands on my hair. are there other ways to get good tight roots for dreads? i'll have more questions, so until then, goodbye.