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i need some opinions [28 Nov 2002|11:01am]
is the knottyboy dread soap really worth buying?

i know of alternatives, but i just want to know if it's as great as it claims to be.
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[28 Nov 2002|04:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well, the time has come for me to finally dye my dreads and i've never done it before and was hoping i could get some tips before i bleach it.

how long should i leave it in?

i've read that i should only leave it in for 5 minutes and what not, but i know it will be a process that takes me much longer then five minutes, which would mean that other dreads will be in for much longer then five minutes by time i'm done.. if that makes any sense.. so should i do it by dying only a handful at a time and rinsing that out 5 minutes later?

any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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[28 Nov 2002|11:57pm]

Took some pictures, dreads will be 2 weeks old on Saturday. Thanks for all the help, couldn't have done it without you guys!
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