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[02 Dec 2002|07:01pm]
My head is itchy. And little red bumps are forming (and I'm sorry if thats grose) Buuut, I scratch and those bumps come off perhaps this is dandruff? I don't know but is this normal? lol well as normal as normal goes for dreads?

And someone told me that you go bald if you do dreads is that true? Because I don't think it is...HMMMMM
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[02 Dec 2002|11:30pm]
hey all. i am getting rid of my dreads soon, which makes this my first and probably my last post here... so listen up! :D
um. i put a lot of work into my hair + i just thought i'd share for one last time a few things that did/didn't work for me with those of you who are attempting this on your own.

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