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BBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAA help please!! =) [11 Dec 2002|12:52am]
hey, im new to this um...community hi!!

i have a question, im about to get my dreads here in a few weeks and my scalp is really dry and flaky cuz i have killed it with the years of bleaching my hair...does anyone know what i can use or do to help my scalp before i dread it?!?!?!?!?!?!
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[11 Dec 2002|11:04am]
what happens if you wanna go swimming?
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Fuzz [11 Dec 2002|10:12pm]
HI. I have recently dreaded my hair {Half natural hair dreaded and extended with human hair extentions}. I've had dreadlocks before, about 1 1/2 ago and i don't recall having this problem....help me?!!

Problem =

The top of my head is quite frizzy. I wax everyday which holds down the friz making it almost un-seeable, but at the end of the day the fiz is there. Its horrible! What should i do? I already sleep with tights on my head. Is there anything things else which will help stop the friz, or now i have the friz, what should i do with it?

Thank you in advance - heres my dreads so far {not a good picture of them}

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