December 12th, 2002

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hi, im new here and of course Ive got a question for you dread experts out there. :P

Im gonna be dreading my hair in a couple weeks, and I want to have nice thin dreads. Is there such a thing as having dreads too thin? I already have very straight, rather thin hair myself. But I was kinda planning on just partitioning my hair into sections about an inch big. Will it still work? Or will it not dread up cause there is not enough hair?
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Short hair...

Hey yo. I have a question about dreading short hair...

The general consensus seems to be that 3 inches long is the minimum length for dreadable hair. My hair is almost 4 inches long. Would dreading it now be a good or bad idea? (Anybody have experience with short dreads?) Also, would the dreads stick straight up, cuz they'd be so short? That's the thing I'm most worried about...I don't want my dreads to be all stuck up. My hair is quite thin, silky, and straight...if that makes a difference. I'm guessing that there would be extra shrinkage cuz my hair is so thin and straight...Am I right?

I just want to be knotty!!! I haven't had a hair cut in FIVE months, people! Growing your hair out is such a painfull task..... If I don't get dreads soon, I'm afraid I'm going to go nuts and shave my head! (been there, done that. haha. I could've had dreads a year ago if i wanted to...damn me for cutting my hair)