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[15 Dec 2002|12:30pm]
[ mood | sad ]

so i went to the doc about the bad scalp...and its like a hereditary thing, i cant spell it...he doc said the dreads would be beautiful, but i should wait a few months for everything to be clear...when i got home i totaly started to cry, i was goign to do em in 2 weeks....GRR!!

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baby*dreads... [15 Dec 2002|01:52pm]
[ mood | content ]

day 2 of my new locs ;D


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grr [15 Dec 2002|10:59pm]
first weeks of frustration + too much wax!

Okay so i tried blow drying the hell outta it until my scalp hurt for 2 days! Didn't do anything for the over waxing! So someone said try rinsing it with soap. Okay i tried that but it didn't help! Everytime i touch my hair, my hands get all sticky and waxy and i have to spend 10 minutes in the bathroom trying to wash it off. It's abit like when you touch a melted candy...that kinda stickiness when you put your fingers together. I am sooooo frustrated.

Should i give it a good washing and start all over again? Today is my 4th day having dreads. HELP.
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