December 16th, 2002

i'm new here.

so of course like many others... i have been contemplating starting some dreads. i have the dreadheadhq kit and i have used it before but unfortanetly my mom made me take out the dreads when they were a week old. now i don't live with her and i want to put them in again although i am still unsure. my hair is not very healthy (from dying it and such) and i am afraid the dreads will cause my hair to fall out. if there is some kind of preparation or something i could do before i put them in please let me know. or if i shouldn't put them in at all let mee know that too. thanks.
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I hope I don't have a problem on my hands..But.. When ever I tighten my dreads at the roots I hear my hair breaking quite a bit, and then when I go to roll them, lots of hair falls out. Is this normal? Thanks!
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