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new, clueless chick. [17 Dec 2002|03:29pm]
new. set to dread up on monday. scared but excited as fuck.

few questions, if you don't mind;
1. what happens when you exercise? i.e. sweating and hair that smells like sweat. or is that just not an issue?
2. what can you do to keep your hair smelling nice? someone told me you can rub essential oils (aromatherapy and what not) into your hair and that helps. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive about cleanliness and smell (and, yes, i do realize that dreads are probably not the best thing to get in that situation. but it's a must for me).
2a. how often can you wash your hair without stunting progress?
3. are beads just strung on the dreads, or do they have to be knotted in, somehow?
4. if i smoke marijuana, for instance, fairly often -- will the smell get trapped in my hair and therefore be a dead giveaway to my illegal activity?
5. what do you do in the event of showers to not get your hair wet?
6. i've heard tales of bugs crawling in dreads and lice all over, and i don't believe these accusations, but i'd like to hear your opinion.

i'm sure i'll have more questions soon. thank you, muchly.
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Starting Out [17 Dec 2002|10:43pm]
Hey what's up? My name is megan and my hair is only at 2''...maybe3 ''.....how long should my hair be before i start to dread it?
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