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[18 Dec 2002|12:38pm]
I joined this community a week or so ago but haven't really posted anything yet, so
TADA! Here is my first post.
ive been growing my hair out in dreads since july. the whole entire head looks pretty retarded because i used to have a mowhawk and now its growing out.

The End.
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pleased to meet you, may i introduce myself!?! [18 Dec 2002|02:14pm]
i joined some time ago and now finally want to say hello to all the dreadheads here! i love the stuff you write! every entry is interesting because of the pictures, the stories, the questions and of course the caring answers!
dreads unite - one love!

here one pic of me...

my name is freda, i´m from germany and 17 years old. i have rather thin dreads and never used something special to fix them or so... i was about four years ago when i just started to knot them while watching tv and the next weekend my whole head was dreaded. i hadn´t read much about making dreads then so i know i could have it easier but so i´m also proud of them because i made them all alone.
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sorry the img-tag was wrong... [18 Dec 2002|02:25pm]
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<IMG SRC="http://mississippie.bei.t-online.de/freda/freda1202.jpg" ALT="freda"'
1&lt;3 <A HREF="http://www.nocode.tk" TARGET="_blank">freda</A>
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