December 20th, 2002

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Maybe it's just me but, do people who don;t have dreads and know nothing about them ask the stupidest questions!? Questions like...

"So are your dreads going to fall out one day?"

"Are you going to cut out your dreads and then grow them again?"

"So when are you cutting your hair?"

Like seriously, dreads don't just fall out one day! If I were to cut off my dreads why would I grow them again? And I like my dreads so I don't think that I have a set date to cut them.

Anyone else heard these stupid ass questions?
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Heyo everyone...

I washed them really well again today, not with bar soap but with Herbal Essences (for oily hair diluted with water) instead! Worked really well, and just to let you waxy dreads have been cured (yay)! But i hope you can give me advise on making my own Dread accelerator, it says to use Sea salt but can i just use the normal salt found in the kitchen?
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