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[24 Dec 2002|08:21am]

After several days of work, mine are FINALLY finished....

click here for more narcissismCollapse )

Better pictures later....

Again, many thanks to m0usegrrl who was the Dreadgineer for this project....
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Hey [24 Dec 2002|06:26pm]
[ mood | awake ]

hey i just joined. im growing my dreads the natural way. i havent used anything in them...i havent really touched them at all. here are some pictures:

ta ta

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Delurking, intro and my situation with dreads. [24 Dec 2002|11:08pm]
[ mood | ass is sore from sitting!! ]

Hi everyone, I think I've commented on one or two things here without a proper introduction.

My name is drunkbat, hmm 21 live in Northeast L.A., engaged to cochino3000, am a metal/goth/industrial girly. Any more info could be found here

I had been wanting dreads for a LONG time so last year cochino3000 decides to do my dreads for me great job and great amount of patience I might add.

The thing is the dreads I wanted were to be PENCIL THIN. My dreads came out thin, but not thin enough, but good enough to keep. My brother, who then had dreads, saw the base of the dreads and told me they were going to be Bob Marley thick, I nearly freaked the fuck out, and decided I wanted them out, two weeks into having them.

Not only did I freak out about the thickness, but I have some obsessive-compulsive tendencies where I started to BELIEVE that I had lice; didn't know how/where I would've gotten them, even though my brother reassured my that they were my hair follices were irritated from all the teasing and pulling.

I was too freaked out driving myself insane that I ended up takig my dreads out. Needless to say I lost maybe 1/4 of my hair. My hair was T H I C K before, now its moderately thick, though *I* can tell that I have much less than I used to have.

Now I'm too freaked out, maybe in time when it grows thicker I'll consider my dreads again, but sometimes I just wonder if someone with my personality, with obsessiveness and with tendencies of freaking out immediately could handle this.

ayee! such a horrible situation!

anywhooo after that long post

Hope to meet some interesting people here.

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