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mi dredz [28 Dec 2002|07:40pm]
[ mood | calm ]

cant see them very well and cant see my heeaauugge phatties lol...but i like.
but yeh can n e 1 help...at the back of my head but at the top like where my parting ends umm theres just loads of like inch long bits of random hair and i duno what to do with them :( and its annoying... iv got more poppin up all over my head also and its annoying as hell especially when i wear it up coz they jsut randomly stick up...
anyone else had this problem, what shall i do???
peace thanx + unity

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[28 Dec 2002|10:55pm]
hi im new. my name is katie, my dreds are 4 months old. theyre babies! i thought i'd say hi.
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