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The LJ begger everyone hates [29 Dec 2002|12:42am]
[ mood | loved ]

This is going to be cross posted in ALL the communities I am a member of, and I'm sorry to those who it pisses off, but I need an LJ code. BAD! I'll make a trade.. ect for it. Comment if you can help me.

P.S. Please dont comment and tell me to stop begging. I am well aware, that beggers suck, because I always hated them myself, but I REALLY need this code and I know no other way. Thanks.

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[29 Dec 2002|12:04pm]

Icut of all the curly ends..and put beezwax on 'em...the curls ahve been gone since then :) :) and my dreads..are now...1 year, and 7 months old :)
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