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[01 Jan 2003|12:03pm]
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What do you suggest? [01 Jan 2003|07:40pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

As of now, I'm semi dreadeded.
I want to dye most of my hair red with henna, but have a few of my dreads bleached.
You generally can't put bleach on henna'd hair, because it can get all green or some pukey colour.
So I don't know how I should go about doing this.
should I:
a) Comb out my dreads, dye all of my hair with henna, and forget bleaching?
b) Dread the rest of my hair and henna and bleach the seperate dreads?
c) Bleach random patches of hair, and put henna on top, hoping my hair will just get really red in the blonde patches it may overlap, and not turn green-grey and die?
d) Go get some coffee and forget about it.

Also, if anyone didn't know, the henna comes from Lush and it's pretty much like cut up grass, and it's pretty hard to wash out of un-dreaded hair. I'm afraid it might not wash out easily and start to mould in my dreads or something.

Gruah, sorry about the long-ness.

OH! Also, henna also smooths your hair out, so I'm worried that it might undo my dreads, or make them harder to re-do. Could I just use some salt-water spray, or locking accelerator after i dye to keep my dreads in shape or whatever?

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