January 8th, 2003

help me out

I'm new to this community and I finally found something worth posting about. Sadly, I recently cut my dreads off for various reasons. One of the main ones was that from the start my inexperience with dreads caused a lot of problems. I simply could not control the loose hairs that seemed to never go into the dreads. Also, no matter how much I palm rolled or just constantly played with them and twisted or what not, they just kept on getting flatter as time went by. I never could get them to retain a more rounded shape like I see with other people's dreads. The other main problem I had was I could never seem to get the ends to stop fraying and coming apart. Actually, I experienced the same thing with the roots. Can somebody here please help me out with some info so when my hair grows back I won't make whichever mistake I made the first time. I would love to grow some really phat waist long dreads this next time and I need some sound advice to be able to do so.