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URGENT!!! [13 Jan 2003|12:25am]
i am planning on dreading my hair tomorrow. so i decided just to start one just to see how it's done (after much reading on the subject) and yes, it started to kinda stick together at the very root, but seemed a bit thick considering how thin my hair is and how little i grouped together. and it seems that a lot of it was just breaking. i am losing hope but still want to do this tomorrow. will this work!??! or will i just end up with broken hair after having to comb it out because it is just one frizzy mess? i saw a pic of a girl on here with thin dreads - 3 days old - and they didn't look anything like my one was looking. i did short strokes close to the scalp like i was told. help!!!!!
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hello, hello! [13 Jan 2003|03:16pm]
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Just bored, how is everyone doing?

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another question :) [13 Jan 2003|11:22pm]
ok so i started it. got about eight done :) the roots are real fuzzy. and some of the hair isn't getting dreaded in. this whole rub the roots and palm roll it in and stuff isn't really working ... should i just give em time? i just don't want random hair sticking out. and you blow dry the wax in, right? so that you can't see it on the dreads?? thanks!!!
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