January 18th, 2003


I was sitting the park today when some guy in a red truck drove by and tells me he likes my dreads. I say thanks and then he tells me to mellow out and that I'm a fucking faggot then drives off. I wasn't bothered by this but I just wondering if anyone else has been ridiculed for their dreads.

questions for my new knotties

ok so i've had some of my dreads for almost a week, others for a day (still have two more to go!) :) i used dreadheadhq stuff - the locking accelerator and the wax. the thing is, i have loose hairs. not really from the scalp, but they seem to be partially dreaded and then stick out straight - some for only a half an inch, others for as much as three. there are way to many to work each one into the dread seperately. i do palm roll and stuff, but my hair is so straight that they are still just sticking out. is this something to worry about, or will they eventually dread in? i cut a couple shorter so that they would tangle in more quickly, but i don't wanna do that too much for fear that the dread will come apart. is this something to worry about?

also . . . :) i put rubber bands at the roots and realized some of the dreads are off center from the square of hair i made it from - big deal or not?

also again! (last one i promise!) . . . i do not put elastics at the tips - i will when i wash them though. will they unravel? i work on them sometimes. i am not picky about having nice rounds or anything. i can deal with some hair loose at the ends. i just wanna make sure the whole dread won't start to unravel

thanks :)