January 28th, 2003

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I just started mine last weekend.
(i am still not done with my whole head) I am a slacker.
i decided to make them cause I have hyperthyroidism and my hair has become very dry and brittle and hard to manage, so this seemed like a good (fashoinable) option.
i also just found out that i prolly shouldnt be using murphy's wax and i am trying to get some wax that will do me some good.
but i was wondering if it is normal for them to look like complete crap at first or if I am doing something wrong?

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Dread Isn't Vain, Is It?

It's been warm, extremely warm indoors everywhere the past few days. It doesn't help when my hair is stuffed in my crown. Today, as I did yesterday. I've let it lay down, with my crown adjusted accordingly. It's designed to rollup and become just a skull tam. Kewlio. but having my hair down seems vain, and as I swish it from back to front and swing it from side to side. I get this feeling that I look like some blonde in a hair commercial.

I have to say, that I'm very pleased with the results that Ja has given me. In regards to the dreadlocks. I would have never dreamed that they would end up looking like they did. No care, no wax, just sun, water and coconut oils on my part. Just another thing in my life that I gave control of to Ja.

The results were perfect..

Ja in your goodness. Praises to the Most High
I and I thank you.........

Ja RastaFari
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Additive-free shampoos

Greetings everyone,
my dreads are now about six weeks old and I'm trying to find some decent additive-free shampoos. I've read they should be scent-free also as the scents are additives also. The original state of my hair is thin and straight, so I'd like to find something that is strengthening also. What brands of additive-free shampoos have people found that have helped them?
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