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[29 Jan 2003|12:06am]
i made a tam!

i used this blue speckled yarn, and a cream color yarn. its so beauteous.

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Hello Everyone [29 Jan 2003|03:55am]

wheee that was my hair about two months ago when my dreads were just little babies at 1-2 months... i didn't back comb anything... just stopped brushing my hair and washed with T-Gel which is a really tough drandruff shampoo that destroys your hair if you use it more than once a week, but is good in the dread sort of way... and good for the itches :-) I need to take newer pictures...
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the ROOT of my problem...haha punny [29 Jan 2003|02:39pm]
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Hey! I absolutely a-fuckin-dore this community. Its pretty rad, guys.


I've had my dreads for about 2 months now. I'm a real slacker and i haven't even finished my whole head yet, buuut, the ones i have done, i've noticed that the roots aren't dreading and i've been teasing and rolling and fucking around with them and the just won't dread up and its fucking PISSING ME OFF!!!

Any tips??

P.S. thats me on the right in my picture, the spastic one thats me :)

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