February 1st, 2003

lions mouth

Zig Zagging...

Hello all,

After washing my locks, they tend to dry up and form zig-zags, which make me look like I have lightning bolts coming out of my head. (which, if I were in a pissed off mood in which I'd like to be scary, might be okay)
Wonder if others experience this, and whether it will pass in time. I then do more waxing, palmrolling and back-combing at the roots, which works, but I'm hoping that eventually they will dry in nice round locks.
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smelly dreadies

hmm so my dreadies have been "dreading" for about a week now and i have been a good girl and i havent washed them...but they are starting to stink, and my scalp is really REALLY itchy, plus last nite i went to a show and got all sweaty so now they stink even more...anyone know what i can do other then giving in and washing them?!?!?!