February 6th, 2003

long time

Hello my locked friends, its been a long time since I have talk to any of you. my locks are almost 4 month old and they are growing. they look wonderful and I am in love with them... since I have started locking my hair my life has changed, for the better I have a wonderful sense of freedom....ahhhhhhh....right now, in my life, my hair is the only thing going for me. I found that if you rinse your hair with rosemary and chamomile it helps it grow and it also strengthens it. just a tip for you all.

well that is all for now, I will put a picture up soon...

(no subject)

I just washed my dreads for the first time yesterday. They're about 1 and a half weeks old. They got really flat and shrunk a lot. THey also look a lot worse. Is this normal? I used dread head..which is just water and salt and stuff from the sea, I believe. What should I do next time or is this normal??