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hello all! [09 Feb 2003|06:54pm]
i've had my dreads now for just about ten months, and lately they have been getting "dirty" (oily and 'stale' smelling) a lot faster than they did when i first got them. i live in a very cold winter climate (and very hot summers) and i was wondering if anyone living in the same kind of weather had a similar problem...basically, whether this change in their smell and cleanliness is a common problem in the winter, or if i am not taking good enough care of them. any feedback would be appreciated!

i also have another question, which is whether there is anything that i can do to take care of the smell (without washing them) because my hair freezes solid when i go outside, and i don't often have five or six hours to allow them to dry. they don't reek or anything, but i coach young kids, and am conscious of the smell when i am around their parents.

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[09 Feb 2003|10:32pm]
Anybody has the same problem as i do? ....the rubber bands that i tie near the roots keep snapping. I thought maybe it's because i was using old rubber bands so i bought a new pack, but they still keep snapping after a few days...
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