February 11th, 2003

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the other night i dunked my dreds in a bathtub filled with warm water and lots of epsom salt... for anyone who hasn't tried this... wow. my dreds are 100% better than before! the texture of my hair changed after doing that making it a lot easier for it to dred. i waited until they were dry to backcomb the peices that "fell apart". and now, im so happy that they are coming along... i cant keep my hands off! :D

im definatly making a trip down to the ocean as soon as i can...
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Hey guys i'm April and i really dig this community........i live in a town where i'm prolly the only dread head and i get alot of shit about my hair but i totally dig it. I don't have anything to post pics with but as soon as i do i'll post one. I have red hair..my dreds are about 6 mos' old i did it the natural way because my hair is way nappy and i diden't really know any other way at the time but i guess natural is the whole point of dreds so it's all good.........mine are just a lil different because the sections of hair are not even so my dreddies are all different sizes but they still look dope!
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hey now

ok, so i know this isnt exactly about dreadlocks, but i made a community for ani difranco fans, and since she has dreadlocks i guess it kinda counts... anywho, all y'all ani fans check out THEarrivalsGATE community. post your mother lovin...erm...love... :D thanks for letting me indulge in shamless self-promotion.
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heyhey, I'm a new member. Had my dreads for just over a year now, but yeah. A few of you are talking about the roots of your dreads being quite loose. I'm lazy so I dont always let this bother me, but I know a good way of tightening the roots up and puffing the roots out too so they dont get thin and weak and possible break. I'm not sure how well to explain this but I'll try :D
ok, so choose a dread you need to work on and put it between your fore and middle finger. Lay your hand flat on your head with the dread inbetween those two fingers and using the two fingers just rub the scalp around the dread in circular motions moving the dread with it... this will gather up any loose hair and matt it into the main dread... dont worry if the scalp starts to feel sore, it will do, but not like permanently, this just means its working. Hope thats understandable. It really does work... if you have no idea what I'm going on about, email me and I'll try and explain better :D onlyonelistening@aol.com

clutch to the bosom!


shamelessly skibbling in here for my 2nd post. and to say that the rainb0wdreadlocked muppet (me) invites you to see the photos i posted in my livejournal today. as they are dreadtastik. seeing as i am a dreadlocked wench. doi. hee. i also have quite the snazzy newspaper pirate hat! you can't lose!

>> http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=jojofaerie&itemid=67262#cutid1

p.s. and as for all the sparkly ties in my hair. my dreads are nearing their 3rd birthday methinks. so they're pretty rooted and i'm not randomly tying the roots. i just hAD new hair coming it that i attached to them, and even tho i could take them out now that they're not needed, i like having the red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple thingers attached to my head. i'm a little obsessed. i also have a gir from invader zim hair thingum, some star/moon hair ties, lotsa beads, thread & yarn around a couple and now a little yarndread i added. yea i have a lot of stuff attached to me. but i loves it so...
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