February 12th, 2003


Okay, firstly, I used to have the journal xfailedxdesignx (just so no one accuses me of stealing photo's or anything), but anyway, I was foolish enough to comb out my last load of dreads, I figured I wanted them to be fatter. I re did them a month ago now, and they're looking absolutely dapper. I've washed them, twisted them up, palm rolled them and fiddled with them until my hands hurt and it all seems worth it.
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I'm about to get dreads in a couple hours and I was wondering if theres anything I should definately know about the first day. I've stopped washing my hair regularly and such so the oils in my scalp should be used to it and I've done a bit of homework. Buuuut is there something that will make the first day a memorable day for my new dreads?


i have a question; my dreads are about 10 months old and i'm still wearing elastics at the roots, can i take them out or is it better to keep them in a while longer?
and is it true that your dreadlocks will lock better when you don't use elastics?
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