February 13th, 2003

clara bow
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who here uses scented oil for their dreads and why?
i just bought some for the sole purpose of making my dreads smell good (not that they even smell at all...)
does it have any disadvantages at all?
i thought oil or anything moisture-related wasn't good for dreads.

and god said, let there be SALT!

ok, so i went to my local health foody store and got some salt, and because i have a limited supply of brain cells, i cant remember if it was sea salt or not. BUT it was in the organicy section. ok, so the whole store is in the organicy section, but this was by all the cooking stuff...my final question...will it work for me hair?
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Ive been reading this community for a while now, and I have learned alot. Im seriously considering dreads, and I have a friend that knows what she is doing to help, but I have a few questions.

First, if I ever decide to get rid of my dreads, would i have to shave my head? And what if i do them and it just looks really bad on me, can i take them out at all or is that it? I have hair that is over half a foot past my shoulders, and it took a long time to grow it so im a little scared. (ok alot scared, not of the dreads but of the fact that they might turn out really bad and be permanent.)

Also can you wear dreads any way but down? Ive seen one girl wearing hers in a ponytail, but is that good for them?

Any help would be great, i just want to make sure this is really what i want. i really should just do it, i know ill love them. hah.

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