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the story of my dredz! [16 Feb 2003|04:56pm]
basically,,,i havent washed my hair/dreads for about a year and 2 months.
it successfully cleans itself; and sometimes little bits of stray hair or ends of dreads are so silky its hard to dread them up!!!
however, my m8 noticed loads of skank in my hair, which i get sometimes and then it goes, like sometimes i get days where my hair is skanky and then it goes really nice.
he said i should wash it with water - as he does with his dredz quite often.
Will this improve the quality of my dreads and make them tighter? Or shall i leave it how it is, unwashed for some quality dirty dredz? ;)
because i really really dont want to get it wet/wash it with water if i dont have to, purely coz i havent done it for so long :P and im a bit worried they will fuck up loads and un-do. but mainly, i cant be arsed!!! hah.
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[16 Feb 2003|06:16pm]
Here is the hat that I crocheted, it won't really do me any good until my dreads are a lot longer...
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[16 Feb 2003|06:36pm]
Helo everyone, well, ive had my dreads for about a month now, to get them in i rubbed my hair with a wool hat. it worked pretty damn well on the top, but the temples, behind the ears and at the top of the neck isnt dreading that well at all. there are a few dreads forming, but they are very thin, 3/4 cm or so.will these dreads get bigger over time? what do i need to do to get my hair completely dreaded?
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