February 21st, 2003

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hey. i'm new here, and i thought i'd share some pictures and a useless story with you. ;)

once upon a time we were really bored while waiting in a room to do some figuration in a grimskunk videoclip. (does that make sense? i'm not that good at writing things that make sense in english.) and well i asked my friend to make me a dreadlock, just for fun. she made me two, one of each side of the head. she's really good at it, but she didn't feel like doing all my hair. so i was left with two dreadlocks sticking up in the air. and i decided to try to make the rest by myself. this was something like three months ago, and i still haven't done them all. i'm lazy. hehe.

basically, my hair is a big mess with a couple of dreadlocks. i don't want to use any products, i can really fuck my hair only with my hands, and i think it's better that way for me.

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