February 22nd, 2003


cultural appropriation

hey folx

i've been watching this journal for about as long as i have been a dread (just under a year). i've never posted before, so here goes. i'd like to see this journal be not only a place where us white folks/folks without african textured hair can compare notes about how we coax our hair into the beauty that is dread locks, but also a place where we can talk about meaning and cultural significance.

it's not just a style. it can't be. even if the person sporting the locks sees it only as something different to do with their hair, it has such profound cultural significance that it will always be political (remember: religion is political).

so the topic i would like to start a discussion on is one that i have personally struggled with quite a bit: cultural appropriation.

so here is the question:

considering that we live in a society founded on white supremacy and on white privilege and considering that dread locks have in the past (though not always) been an act of political rebellion for black folk (at least in the usa) what does it mean for white people to have dread locks?

i would really really appreciate input from black folks in this lj community. muchas gracias.

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Hey i was just wondering, my dreads are pretty short (about to my jawbone) and the ones on the crown of my head are especially short and they don't lay flat on my head.
I tried sleeping with pantyhose on them but it dosen't really work....any ideas?