February 23rd, 2003

clara bow
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today at work, this black man came up to me. i'd say he was in his 50's or 60's.
"so, why do you have dreadlocks?" he asks.
i smile. i've been expecting this moment for some time. i look up at him, still smiling, and say, "because i like what they stand for."
the man smiles back, his face lighting up. "go on, girl!" he says, jubilantly.
my smile returns his happy emotions. he left the store, and i looked out the window, waiting to see him walk away. he waves and smiles at me, and i return it.

i'm telling you, that made my day.

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Man i had the itchies today so i boiled up some rosmary(a remedy i've seen on a few dread sites) and sprayed it in and it still diden't help. So i went ahead and washed it with my tea tree oil shampoo and it feels alot better now. But i can't figure out why it's been itching so bad lately.. i wash it every 2 days..that's as long as i can go..i know its not good to wash em' too much or too little. But if these itchies keep up i might have to start washing everyday. Does anyone else have this problem?

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my dreads like red.