February 25th, 2003

père ubu

my old dreads...

Hi, new here. I had dreads, I wish I still had them... but my hair are getting longer every weeks, so in 2 months... BTW, anyone has a different color for each dreads? that's what I want, but never seen someone having that. I would like to see a pic, if possible!

oh and I don't know how to post pics here, so follow the links...



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I think Im confused>> Help?

Ok, my hairs going on 3 1/2 inches and dreads are a certain part in my soon to be future>> my only twitch is with the conflicting results from my current research. Some sites say that it's ok to dread up around three inches while others recommend around five and some even say six. As you could tell, Im not really pateint when it comes to my hair (its a freakin' curly fro even as I type this) and I would so much enjoy some positive feedback>>
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