February 26th, 2003


gah, i am thinking about getting dreads, i want them really bad, but i have a couple of problems, maybe you could help with. i realllly enjoy washing my hair haha, i love it smelling nice and i'm just wondering if dreads stink like hell or what. and one of my main concerns is that i will have to shave my head when i don't want them anymore because i really don't want to have to do that. do they come out pretty easy when you wash your hair? i was thinking about getting those fake temp. dreads but that's pretty pricey. i don't know, i'm just scared, but i want them so bad.

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just a question

alright so im going to be dreading my hair up in about a month or two im just letting it get a tiny tiny bit longer so its a little easier on whoever the lucky person is that gets to help me...BUT...i need a hat to put my hair in because i work in a kitchen and yeah they dont like hair everywhere..a tam...whatever its called im not totally sure...i just want one thats handmade tho...no leather or wool or silk or none of that animal biproducts garbage...either cotton or hemp i guess?? or anything else that works....but yeah this is being kind of picky i guess but does anyone know where i can find them...so far i have only found one website that has any that arent too bad looking...so if anyone knows of anywhere i can find them or of any friends you have that make them or anything of the sort could ya help a brother out...oh yeah i kinda want one with a brim ont he front but thats not totally necessary....thanks ahead of time
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