March 7th, 2003


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so tomorrow is my big day -is excited- i am having like a party.. a partial house warming party (i moved in here a month ago and not everyone's been over yet) and a partial Dreading-Of-Stef party. i got two really clsoe friends who know how to do dreads (one has them, and the other has done them for friends) to do them, and probably other friends will participate.. hehe.

Is there any last minute advice you guys got for me, on this, the eve of my great occasion?

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so i just now finished my dreads took me three days of being lazy and messing with my hair and back combing and knotting and pulling tight...i didnt use any wax on any of them....and tomorrow im going to go dip my head in the ocean and go for a quick swim **advantages of living in florida**...lemme know what you folks think...
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Ok so here's how my hair's going.. =)

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The spiky look I wanted didn't seem to work because my hair's too long, so I've put it up in a butterfly clip. It doesn't look too bad.


Thanks to everyone for helping me out and stuffs, I appreciate it!

I kinda got what I wanted.. but this is close enough and don't think I'd get any closer.

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