March 16th, 2003

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i stopped using wax since when i sleep the wax tend to end up on my face.. ew.
a friend of mine whipped up a spray that dries out your hair like crap and prevents itchies, w00t w00t. Its basically water + natural SEA salt + tea tree oil. Spray it on anytime you like and roll it between yer palms. It works really well. But make sure you dont spray too much since the liquid will dry and you'll get this white powdery residue (salt).

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so im wondering here....i have noticed that you can put shells and beads in your hair to balance out the lumpy spots and whatnot...well im wondering how in the world do you put a shell in your hair???...see im an ocean boy and i see these shells but i see no way of how they can stay in your hair...beads i understand totally.....but shells will someone please gimme an attempt of an explanation...or maybe even a picture show?
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just started

3 days work, jesus, no one ever told me how much your hand mucles hurt from the pulling...

here is about 5 hours of work so far.

tick tick tick tick...

why dread my hair? cause its falling out from dying it, so now is the best time than ever.
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Okay.. question.

I did my dreads just over a week ago.
and they are sticking up everywhere still.
How did everyone who did their dreads when their hair was short keep them from flying everywhere?

and will it tame down eventually?
and when i wash my hair for the first time.. will it tighten them up at all?
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