March 17th, 2003



Hi everyone. I just found this community and it seems pretty great. Anyway, my dreads are only about a month old. They are all pretty frizzy and messy as I haven't used wax and have just been backcombing/twisting, but a lot of them in the back are starting to knot up really nice. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place in Arizona to buy tams. I have gone to two stores already, Hippie Gypsy and Rasta Tings, but neither sell tams! Anyway, I know I could always end up buying one online, but lemme know if you guys know anywhere good. (or even a place for some nice knitted headbands)

Thank you!

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My boyfriend just brought me home two bars of Dr. Bronner's tea tree soap and a mammoth tub of all-in-one peppermint soap. What great smells. I'm so ready to dive into them.

Thank you guys so much for the recommendations! You rock. Without you, I'd be trying to scrub my head with a bar of Ivory tonight.
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Those pesky white flakes

Hello everybody, I just joined, I've got dreads that are about nine months old. Lately my wife has been noting/complaining that I've got dandruff flakes encased in the dreads. I can't really see it, but at this point I guess I believe her.

I wash the dreads and scalp regularly with tea tree oil shampoo, that Nature's Gate stuff I think it is, so they're pretty clean, and my scalp is too. But it seems like maybe I'm washing flakes off my scalp and they get stuck in the dread, to rest there for eternity. (Ewww!)

Any suggestions for this? I guess I need two suggestions, one to stop the flaking to begin with (maybe switching to some of the soaps mentioned elsewhere here); and another suggestion to get the old flakes out of the dreads if possible.

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