March 23rd, 2003

a couple of questions..

yo, I'm crazy I figured id give it a go here, considering I've been lurking around this community for a while..

so heres my story...way back in feb..I dreaded my hair and I didn't like the feel of the whole wax thing so I took em off before they matured..that and my mom made me for the lunar new id look all clean and what not.. now fast fwd to two weeks ago, I started dreading, but not my entire head..just a couple( like 7) but i didnt use wax and ive been having trouble keepin em together, cause they fall apart, so my question now there anything i can put in it that doesnt feel icky? and keep in mind i have extremely fine-asian hair. how should i tighten the roots that have fallen apart? ive noticed some dandruff starting to appear--how to prevent this? and any other tips would be much apprecaited.

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thanks in advance =)

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i've had my dreads for just over two weeks, and i've washed them twice. Yesterday when i washed them, they started to come unravelled. At least, the tips. The rest is kinda tight..
I guess i am just getting frustrated with them at the moment. Anyone of you dread-pros have any advice? i am probbaly spending bout an hour a day (at least) backcombing the worst of them and rolling the rest. I am trying to stay away from the wax, but, do you feel it will help the dreads that are falling apart? I am just getting so frustrated lately.



so its been about two weeks i think...i forget, i have the worst memory in the world.....maybe its been longer maybe its been shorter, but anyways heres how my hair is coming along...i find that swimming in the ocean helps a little bit to lock things up i still have lots of stray hairs and the such but they are slowly getting mixed in....i figure ill wait til i get some sturdy solid ones going and then ill worry about sewing in the loose hairs...i need something to start with....but yeah here ya go folks

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