March 26th, 2003

plead of love.

theres this boy that works at acme, in monmouth county nj..and im hoping that hes a member here ::crosses fingers:::

if you are that sexy boy w/ the head full of dreads that works around the corrner. i love u. marry me.

:) (and if you are the girlfriend of that boy..i love your boyfriend)

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all people are subject to ridicule.

has anyone ever found themselves being ridiculed by others cause of their dreadies?

i live in nyc, and being in such a diverse city, i could walk down the street wearing duct tape, and id fit in..but when i first had a whole head of dreadies, i remember taking the bus with a bunch of college kids (cause my school is on a college campus),and just standing there minding my own business, looking around doing my usual, and i hear an insane bursts of laughter, and some dirty looks, and some pointing too from a group of west-indian/african american girls...or maybe i was just wayyyy to stoned and hearing stuff. i wore my dreads proud, but being laughed at for an entire bus ride is not cool..i would think that people would be a little more open minded about stuff like that you know? and that wasnt the only time either..there have been other accounts similar to this..but get my point..errr if i had one

now your $.02, if you please.
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hey. iv been wanting dreads for over a year now. im planning on getting them as soon as my hair is long anough. i had long hair (but with and undershave) but cut it off to grow it all out right for dreads. well my girlfriends dad made me get a hair cut, if it wasnt for that my hair would be at least twice as long now. anyway, how much longer should my hair be before i get them. and what methods would work best for my hair. id love to get natural ones, but im afraid of really screwing up my hair. heres a pic if that helps.

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