March 29th, 2003

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Im a newbie

Firstoff, you all have awsome dreads

I don't have dreads myself but I have always wanted them, since the first time i saw them when i was 10. I'm Growing my hair out so that I can finally dread my hair. Right now my hair is about at my chin. I plan on dreading it once it hits my shoulders.

I have strait hair that tends to greese very fast if I don't wash it even for a day(of course this may change if I use the right shampoo for dreads and never condition my hair). I'm wondering if any of you with hair like me have had a really hard time dreading your hair?? I don't want to grow it out and then find that my dreads look horrible.

Oh, almost forgot, I'm wondering if dreads hurt? because the hair gets really tight... I dont want a constant headache. And, does it feel weird when u put your head down??

stupid question, I know, but I wanna know what I'm getting myself into.