March 30th, 2003

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The problem I have with my dreadlocks is thus:

Everyone thinks I'm a stoner.

I was a stoner, but I'm not anymore. That's been something I've been trying to get away from. I get these indirect accusations from teachers, my parents, friends and even people in the street.

An old friend told me "you were always constantly stoned in school". This was when I was eleven. Eleven? I didn't even know what a bong looked like. It's not too bad in that situation... I mean, I really don't give a shit about what she thought of me.
I never used to mind the looks I got walking down the street either. Even when mothers would say to their children in a sarcastic tone, "nice hair, you fancy that?" But now all I see are steps, people making steps away from me. Perhaps I'm going to plant drugs on them or go schiz as drug users do and possibly rape them or something.
But it's when the teachers are judging me. They've all given me reports and it's quite apparent they outline the stereotype of a stoner.

Actually, maybe I'm a stoner who doesn't smoke pot? No, I'm not. I swear I'm an individual. I was getting somewhere a minute ago.

Anyway, I've got a desire to stand up in the middle of school and shout to everyone, "I have dreadlocks, yet I don't smoke pot". Of course, no one would listen. Actually, they'd probably think I was stoned.

No, this was quite a random post actually. To sum up: I thought dreadlocks would be a symbol of my individualism, but instead they label me a drug user. That's why I've been thinking of cutting them off lately. That's my point.

Anybody else?
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I know for most of you, you use the finger method of rubbing the roots in a clockwise manner. But when i do that nothing happens. So for me, i usually backcomb the roots (when needed) and parts of the dreads i already have...Does anybody else here do this? And is it advisable to tease a dread that's already maturing with a comb?
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  • _mia

out of curiosity ...

the other day a random woman on the subway told me i should squeeze lemon juice in my dreads every day. then she gave me a thumbs up & got off the car before i could ask why i should do this ... so ...

i'm wondering: does anybody here use lemon juice &/or know what it does?