April 1st, 2003

  • xmwax

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well uhm kids.. i am *brand* new to the community and after having my dreads for 7 months or so i figured i'd join and since everyone seems to be so helpful about stuff thats even better alrite well i wanted to say hi!. i'll be posting pictures soon.
  • fourmi

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i went to a show not so long ago. and there was this artist i never heard about before, adam chaki. (he's really really good, by the way.) but my point is; he had the longest dreadlocks i've ever seen, they were almost down to his knees. and i took pictures. ;)

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well. i had been having re-occuring dreams about taking my dreads out. so yesterday i said " if i have one tonight, im going to go to a salon and have them take em out" so i did. and i went to the salon, and they told me that my hair wasnt saveable. so i had to chop all of them off.

im really sad. A, because i wanted my long curly hair back and B. because....well i have really short hair....and im just not used to it yet.

but....once a dreadhead, always a dreadhead.