April 3rd, 2003


I'm getting quite pissed at people doubting my dreads...they say it looks more of a twist perm. I don't deny that i did do a twist perm before i dreaded up, so the end result was a head full of twisty curly dreadlocks.

So, what does it take for hair to be considered dreads? Pieces of matted hair? Or is it something more?
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ok so heres the deal. im not really down with getting the professional dreads. its just that i dont know anyone here that could or i would let do mine.

i changed my icon so everyone could see what i looked like a year ago when i had long hair with and undershave. my plan then was to get my hair dreaded then, i even had the kit from dreadheadhq, but i desided to let my all grow out long. it would be long anough now but i cut it off for my girlfriends dad in late september. its only like 4 or 5 inches long now. its hard to not just dread them now, but i dont want them to look all stupid by being to short. but then iv wanted dreads since i was 10. iv also really been wanting to just let my hair dread naturaly. maybe by going out and geting some dread shampoo and useing it to dry out my hair and not combing it (which i dont comb it anyway). does that work good? or should i at least back comb it into dreads first? i really like the idea of natural dreads. i just dont wanna screw up my hair...