April 4th, 2003



So here is my hair, I finally took the time of taking some pictures.
They are a month and a half old and I haven't used any wax or rubberbands or anything like that, just some backcombing, palmrolling, and lots of love! haha (not to mention dr bronners peppermint soap, mmm)
Anyway... :D

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random question...

so....what are y'all's thoughts on kids and dreads? i know lots of Rasta kids have them very young. i have these hippie/dready friends who have a three year old, and they decided to give her *one* dread in the back as a compromise, because they didn't want to give her dreads and have her get made fun of at school. i seem to be inclined to think that a kid should be able to have dreads if they say that they want them. but then again, maybe it should be when they'd be able to take care of dreads on their own. what do you think?
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oh, and also-

despite all the talk about sewing loose hair back into dreads with a big needle, i'd like to relay another way:

affectionately called "The Little Nubbin Technique", what you do is you take the piece of loose hair and scrunch it around between your fingers and backcomb it and roll it around until it is a mini-dread, or a little nubbin. you then poke it through the roots of the closest nearby dreadie, and tie around it with strong thread, tightly. ot works great!

(told to me by Cherie Matrix, professional dread/braid stylist for HairPolice.)


I think I might have encountered the worse case scenario for a dreadhead. I was at college today and I was messing with my hair and I notice something fell. It was a louse or in better terms it was one 'lice'. It just fell out "I think." It could have fell off of someone else but I'm taking all precaution of getting my dreads healthy and very far away from them. I have soaked them in vinegar and place a plastic bag on my head to secure the smell inside. I rinsed the vinegar out and then I dryed them. I then used alcohol (rubbing) to soak them with to kill the lice "if any" as well placed a new plastic bag to kill the smell and heat inside. I bought some over the counter shampoo to use and my g/f's mom is a nurse and she phoned in some prescription based shampoo. So if I first do not succeed I have the shampoo options. But please! wish me luck and hold me in your dready prayers I DO NOT WANT TO CUT MY NATTY DREADS!
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