April 8th, 2003

please help!

ok, i've had my dreads for 5 months and so far they are doing good, but i've had this problem for a while.. which is that the top halves are dreaded nicely but the bottoms aren't doing so well. and a couple of my babies are only dreded at the roots.. the rest is straight/unraveled. its a bit annoying.i know most of this problem is because i wear them back in a ponytail a lot, plus my hair just wants to be straight (damn genes!!).

so i guess what im saying is, what is the best way to deal with this problem? i dont really want to cut them, but im willing if it will solve the problem. i try backcombing but after a week they are just unraveled again. im tired of having half dreads and half straight hair, im sure you all understand.
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on sunday i saw this girl at the gas station with a full head of natural dreads all at least 3 inches in circumfrence. that was anough to make me wanna get natural dreads. now i just gotta get some good shampoo and keep myself from running my fingers threw my hair to fix the tangles.
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Intrigued and Non-dread Maintenance Post (for idread) :)

For people intrigued by nonuglies, or those who find the whole sociological experiment of being judged or judging appealing but can't for the life of them figure out why. I mean, just how do sooo many people gladly put their photos up to be spat on by a bunch of largely stupid, yet very beautiful people? What is it about beauty or being considered beautiful that is so validating? Why do these people command so much power? One of the girls (who is unbelievably shallow and writes about nothing other than haircuts and cars in her private journal) has almost 300 friends! The whole phenomenon is fascinating. The power of being part of the 'in-crowd'. Like some perfect psychology experiment. Anyway, if you are caught up in the idea of voted communities, try the new pets_elite. Pitch your pup against the top dogs. I'm not a moderator, but my pusscat is the cutest thing, so why not? Fairly harmless and a lot less demoralising. Plus, lots of cute animals! What could be better? It still has the competition element for that strange part of ourselves that want to 'win' something... but without the excessive bitchiness.

The whole nonuglies thing actually reminds me of the blue eye/brown eye experiments that showed that just being put in the 'winner' group (in this case, being 'blue eyed' made people perform better and be more self-confident. The experiments were a good demonstration of the disasterous [yet often invisible] effects of intrenched racism and sexism in our society. On the plus side, being part of a group can be beneficial. I guess the best groups are those that are formed through some form of meritocracy, or effort, rather than mere genetic or phenotypic endowment. Still, even intelligence and personality is inherited, so is there any fair way to award privilege in our society?

[Yes, I'm still confused as to why I care... I suspect being cooped up for over a week with chicken pox has made me rather desperate for some form of life/friends/acceptance *shrug*]
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