April 10th, 2003


Just Sayin' Hello

I just joined this community the other day, and since its 430am, and I'm still up working on some stuff, why I have no idea, but I figured now would be as good a time as any to just say a quick hello and post a couple pics. And here they are:

The usual, tied back

In all their glory!

And finally my ugly mug! haha, well I hope not atleast :P

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X-post from my journal to here from 3am last morning.......heh. im so out of it.

My night consisted on breaking out my new pounds of beads...and making non-stop hemp jewelry for a_warm_place.


Please note that my skin is so dry and red that it looks like its breaking out (when in acutality, its just peeling off), my messy hair...which u cant tell at all is half dreaded in this pic.........and the glazed look in my eyes. i took this at 3am... I swear to god im addicted to knotting.

I wish i had the same passion for other things as i do for making hemp necklaces.........i think its like cocaine for the hands...

okay time to smoke weed and go back to bed.
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question. how many of you have "natural" dreads (i.e. no wax, no backcombing, no washing) and how many of you dont?

for the record, i dont :P

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