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[13 Apr 2003|12:58am]
[ mood | happy ]

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[13 Apr 2003|08:01am]
hey everyone i made a community called Sandal_wearers if your one of those people like me who live in sandals, join the community. i actually wanna make it one of those community that has constent convos going on (not about sandals but just about whatever) so check it out kids
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Crocheting and lifestyle [13 Apr 2003|02:24pm]
[ mood | covered in rats ]

I wanted to thank whoever it was that recently mentioned the crochet method of securing the roots of my dreads. I've been doing it lately, and it's made an unbelievable difference and has saved so much maintenance time.

I've had my dreads for close to two months now, I believe. I've loved every moment of it so far, and though I didn't decide to make dreads for spiritual reasons (rather, more for simplicity of lifestyle), I've found that having the dreads has subtly yet palpably been impacting the way I think, live, and priortize things. The change feels good, and I'm looking forward to a long romance with my knotty hair. ;-]

PS. Cheers to this community. You all rock.

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[13 Apr 2003|08:39pm]
I just wanted to see if anyone who lives in south florida has heard about a reggae fest this lovely 4:20 weekend? Because a friend of mine told me about it but i can't find anymore information...so if anyone knows. hook me up. ty ;]
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sorry for being a bit off-topic [13 Apr 2003|09:23pm]
[ mood | creative ]

does anyone have any patterns or know of a way to get a pattern for making a patchwork apron dress? it would be most helpful if you did. thanksomuch :D

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[13 Apr 2003|10:57pm]
hmm so going to the beach today was quite the adventure! i had to go today b4 it got to late becasue there is a big storm coming and the water will be too dirty tomorrow..well then i got to the beach it was about sunset and it was high tide, all the way up to the rocks...so i had to climb down get a bucket full of water, clim up and have my mom wet my hair..i did this about 4 times to get all my dreads soaking

all in all it was fun, cold and wet..but during the summer it should be better =D
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