April 15th, 2003


hola all!

welp i'm new here & new to my dreadies, but i have been reading the postings with much interest over the past month or so, anticipating my path into dread-hood!... my bebe dreaded my hair for me on Friday after i got outta work.... i thought it was only gonna take 2-3 hours, but it ended up taking 5 hours!... ha! that's love & patience for yah, eh?... i heart my bebe.... so yeah, my dreadies are way new & my scalp is not too happy with me.... in general i have a very sensitive scalp & right now it surely isn't very happy at all.... i got my products from Knottyboy.com & it says not to wash your dreads for a week after making them.... ick! i dunno what to do about my scalp then, because it is mucho itchy & burny & red & irritated.... any suggestions appreciated thanx!
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  • pascky

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hey i'm new in this community.
a week ago i dredded my hair, because i think they are amazing, and beautiful, and the most natural way to maintain your hair.
i also think that [without sounding cheesy] being black, this is a way for me to feel free, and have a "relationship" with my hair that doesn't stem from hate, or anger, or resentment.
i love 'em already.
glad to see so much dred-lock love.
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me & D

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I've been a member of this community for ages now, but haven't posted too much. I'm yet another white girl who's trying something new with her hair. :-D I have really thick curly hair, so it seems ideal for dreading. I've been doing the whole dread-thing since January. But as far as I've seen, I'm the only one here doing it this way, except for the girl who did mine, of course. My wonderful friend Maria gave me six braids in my hair (the braids themselves look like knots, which is neat). As they've grown out, the hair at the top has started to dread pretty nicely. Some are just a little bit dreaded, but a couple have a good inch or two now. It's neat. The funny part is, the dread-braids are just strewn amongst the rest of my hair (you can hardly see some of them unless you know they're there), and occasionally one will "eat" another bit of hair that wasn't originally part of the braid. It's kind of amusing. I also have one that was initially backcombed... it's not terribly tight, but it's only been in a few weeks, so I'm not worrying about it.

I don't bother with wax, I don't backcomb anything, I don't worry about what shampoo I use, I don't care how often I wash them (usually every other day... *shrug*) Is anyone else taking this attitude towards their dreads? I'm just letting my hair do its thing. I'm excited to see what ends up happening as it grows out. It's neat to have a variety of things in my hair... mostly just my own hair, and one long dread, and a bunch of braids that are slowly but surely turning into dreads... it's fun. :-)
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